Wiota Sanitary District #1

The Wiota Sanitary District #1 is located in unincorporated Wiota, WI and provides water only to those in the Sanitary District.

Latest News, Updates and Public Notices

The Wiota Sanitary District next meeting is:  TBD 

Wiota Sanitary Board

Wiota Sanitary District #1 Board

Chairman Brian Larson  
Member Grant Benson  
Clerk/Treasurer Laurie Monson 608-482-0567
Water Operator Jeff Monson 608-968-3401


Mailing Address Wiota Sanitary District #1, 6835 Mineral Street, South Wayne, WI  53587
Meeting Location Wiota Town Hall, Park Street, South Wayne (Wiota),  WI 53587

Water Rates

Quarterly Service Charge:                                Plus Volume Charge:

5/8” meter - $24.00                                          $2.49/thousand for first 50,000 gal./qtr

1” meter - $27.60                                               $1.45/thousand over 50,000 gal./qtr

3” meter - $132.00


Bulk Water:  $25.00 per quarter and volume charge of $2.49/thousand gallons


Quarterly Fire Protection Charges:

$1.436 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation