Lafayette County EMS

Purpose (Forever)

Consistent Quality Care

Vision (One Day)

The vision of Lafayette County EMS is “to achieve the healthiest outcome for every patient we serve.” We work to accomplish this by employing highly trained personnel with a passion for clinical excellence, diligently researching new and potentially beneficial treatment protocols, utilizing state of the art equipment, and forging partnerships and alliances with other members of the public safety and healthcare teams to improve the overall delivery of high quality, high value patient care within our community. 

Mission (Today)

These values, in congruence with our culture, blend seamlessly with the mission of our service, which is “to improve the health, safety, and security of our communities by providing reliable, compassionate, and high quality emergency medical services”.

Core Values (Right Now)


Innovation- We will welcome new ideas, and are willing to change for the betterment of our patients and community. The courage to seek out new information, advance ourselves, and embrace change helps us lead the way.

Compassion- The value of every human life is worthy of respect, honor, and high esteem. We will treat people with kindness. We will look after each other and will value our relationships.

Accountability- We will take ownership for what we do. We will learn from our mistakes and hold each other accountable to our standards. The privilege of serving our communities compels us to ensure the wise use of resources.

Respectful- Our words and actions need to be united to build trusting relationships at work and in our communities. We will treat everyone fairly and will recognize the accomplishments of others.

Excellence – We can be the best by striving to do better every day and, in our efforts, enhance our lives and the lives of those we serve.