Corporation Counsel

What does Corporation Counsel do?

Attorney Nathan Russell

As Corporation Counsel for Lafayette County, Attorney Russell provides legal advice, assistance, formal opinions, reviews ordinances and court representation to the County Board, County departments, elected officials and County commissions, boards and committees.

Attorney Corinne L. Frutiger

Attorney Frutiger works as both Corporation Counsel and Assistant District Attorney for Lafayette County.  In her capacity as Corporation Counsel for Lafayette County, Attorney Frutiger represents the interests of the public in the following matters:

- Children in Need of Protection or Services

- Termination of Parental Rights

- Minor Guardianships

- Adult Guardianships

- Adult Protective Placements

- Mental Commitments and Emergency Detentions

**Please note, Attorney Russell and Attorney Frutiger do not work in the same office.  Contact information for each of them can be found to the right.**