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Mission:  to increase communication & efficiency within Lafayette county and to promote open government.

The Land Information Department provides mapping and land records products and services, as well as support and development of the Countywide Geographic Information System (GIS).   The Office consists of one full-time individual who serves as the GIS Coordinator/Land Information Officer and works closely with the Real Property Lister/GIS Specialist in the Treasurer Department.  The office works with both internal and external customers to educate and support the use of geospatial products. This includes the development and support of public-facing web applications as well as in-house maps and apps.  The Department strives to provide the best possible information available and disseminate this information to all departments and interested persons countywide.   Please click the links on the right to learn more about some of the services offered.


Land Information staff believe in keeping the public and their frequent users (both internal and external) up to date with department activities and projects.  They are frequently working on new tools or developing better information that can be used by anyone.  If you  would like to subscribe to receive updates from the Land Information Department, simply click HERE, then choose "Land Info Updates" and enter your email address.  


Land Information Staff frequently work on large scale projects.  Some of the current projects being worked on include:

  • Countywide Public Land Survey Remonumentation & Maintenance
  • Remapping the County (Currently on the West Side of the County)
  • Scanning and indexing survey information as well as septic and zoning permits
  • Developing custom map applications for internal and external customers
  • Improving countywide addressing for use with emergency response and preparing for NextGen911


Any physical, legal, economic or environmental information or characteristics concerning land, water, groundwater, subsurface resources or air in this state. ‘Land information’ includes information relating to topography, soil, soil erosion, geology, minerals, vegetation, land cover, wildlife, associated natural resources, land ownership, land use, land use controls and restrictions, jurisdictional boundaries, tax assessment, land value, land survey records and references, geodetic control networks, aerial photographs, maps, planimetric data, remote sensing data, historic and prehistoric sites and economic projections.

– Wis. Stats. section 16.967(1)(b)


Lafayette County believes in the philosophy of the Wisconsin Land Information Program, "everyone gains when we all work together".  If you are developing any type of land information and feel that the County could be a partner, please contact the Land Information Officer.


Click the Gallery icon below to go to the Land Information Public Applications page where you will find access to property information, mapping applications, downloadable maps, and open data.

**NEW** - The LiDAR icons are direct links to our LiDAR Online GIS Application and Instructions. It is recommended that you use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox with the LiDAR Online Application.