Treasurer / Real Property Lister

Welcome to the Lafayette County Treasurer's Office


The County Treasurer is an elected official, whose primary duties are outlined in Section 59.25 and Chapter 70 of Wisconsin Statutes with additional duties assigned by the County Board.  Some of these duties include: 

Tax Collection & Settlement
  • Compiling, producing, and printing tax bills for all 28 municipalities
  • Preparing and distributing tax rolls annually
  • Collecting postponed (second half) and delinquent real estate taxes
  • Maintaining tax collection records
  • Preparing settlement statements to all taxing jurisdictions
Lottery & Gaming Credits
  • Administer Lottery Credit Applications
  • Maintain Lottery Credit lists
Use-Value Conversion Charge for Agricultural Land
  • Monitor and prepare "Ag Use Conversion" notices as designated by State Statute
  • Receive "Ag Use Conversion Charges" and distribute funds to municipalities
Receive and Pay Out all County Monies
  • Daily Collection and depositing of money from all county departments
  • Monitoring of bank accounts to insure adequate balances to cover county business
  • Daily and monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts
  • Maintaining and managing of county investment accounts
Foreclosure for Unpaid Taxes
  • Coordinate the "In-Rem" foreclosure process for properties that owe 3 or more years of delinquent taxes


You can call or visit the Treasurer's Office for the following services:

  • Find property information including tax and assessment amounts.  Click HERE to find this information online.
  • Pay your second installment of property taxes which are due each year between February 1st and July 31st.  Remember:  your first half of taxes is always due by January 31st to your local municipal treasurer.  Visit Tax Payments to learn more
  • Apply for the Lottery Credit.
  • Update the mailing address on your tax bill.  Visit the Forms and Documents tab.

Additional Information

The Treasurer's Office also houses the Real Property Lister.  The Real Property Lister works closely with the Treasurer's office to provide accurate property information such as listing and mapping property for tax assessment purposes, working with assessors and municipalities to produce assessment rolls, as well as additional coordination with the WI Department of Revenue.