Human Services Staff

Management Team:                                              

Shane Schuhmacher, Director

H. William Fischer, MD, Medical Director

Margaret Sutter, Financial Manager

Dana Harcus, ADRC/Aging Manager

Missy Zasada, Economic Support Manager

Kris Fleming, Family Services Manager

Amy Thomas, Executive Secretary

Behavioral Health Services:                                                        

Vacant, Behavioral Health Manager, Therapist

Heidi Byrnes, MA, CAPSW, Therapist

Cassidy Stedwell, Outpatient Mental Health Clinician

Sara Blask, AODA Counselor 

Vacant, Mental Health Coordinator, CSP

Kylee Knight, Mental Health Coordinator, CSP

Ethan James, Mental Health Coordinator, CCS

Amanda Ramsey, Mental Health Coordinator, CCS

Amy Thompson, APSW, Certified Peer Specialist, Emergency Mental Health Coordinator & CST 

H. William Fischer, MD, Psychiatrist

Christine Dressler, APNP-BC, PMHNP-B

Family Services:                                                                           

Kris Fleming, Family Services Manager

Dena Harridge, Child Abuse and Neglect Initial Assessor (CAN)

Brandon Jones, On-going Case Manager

Vacant, On-going Case Manager

Calista Carr, Foster Care Coordinator

John Emery, Access Worker



Dana Harcus, CSW, ADRC/Aging Manager

Heather Niceschwander, APS Coordinator

Gina Douglas, ADRC Specialist

Vacant, ADRC Specialist

Kay Schulte, Elder Benefit Specialist

Ashley Trentz, Disability Benefit Specialist

Bill Govier, ADRC Bus Driver

Economic Support Services                                                         

Missy Zasada, Economic Support Unit Manager

Lynnette Boatman, Economic Support Specialist

Cindy Crist, Economic Support Specialist

Crissy Black, Economic Support Specialist

Sandy Seffrood, Economic Support Specialist


Birth to 3 / Children’s Long Term Support                               

Tammy Griffiths, CSW, Birth to Three/CLTS Case Manager

Alyssa Houtakker, Birth to Three/CLTS Case Manager

Support Services                                                                           

Margaret Sutter, Financial Manager

Tracy Cushman, Account Clerk

Ashley Nethery, Account Clerk

April Lancaster, Secretary

Susan Elgin, Secretary