Taste the County

Lafayette County is farm country – the most agriculturally dependent county in the state. From large scale dairy farms to small family homesteads, agriculture is the lifeblood of the county. With dairy farmers settling in Lafayette County, the cheese factories followed next and within our county borders you can find some of the best cheese in the country! World Champion Cheeses that are featured all over the world, are made right here in Lafayette County. We have a plethora of cheese varieties for you to try including French, Finnish, Goat, Mexican and of course Swiss inspired cheeses. Our specialty cheese producers go above and beyond to create a product that will awaken your taste buds and leave you yearning for more. With farmers, also comes farmers markets and roadside stands; a truly unique way to try a variety of homemade and homegrown goods right where they are made. Our villages and cities offer farmers markets throughout the summer that feature local producers. Honey, tomatoes, flowers, squash, pies, pumpkins, sweet corn, potatoes, eggs, soap, jams and jellies can all be found at our local market stands. Keep your eyes peeled as you travel our winding roads for our many roadside stands that pop-up throughout the region; it’s hard to find produce as fresh and flavorful as the varieties you will find there. Our local pubs and restaurants have all found ways to incorporate Lafayette County ingredients into their menus. From cheeseburgers featuring our many cheeses and local meats to deep fried cheese curds that are hand battered and deep fried with a secret recipe that you won’t find anywhere else and even specialty pizzas, wraps and soups; you won’t go wrong no matter where you stop for a bite to eat in our little county.